Our mission is to develop and equip students to be exemplary life-long disciples
who love God, love one another, and love their neighbor.


RAY Wednesday Night meets every Wednesday during the school year from 6:30-8:00. It's a great place to hang out, gain some friends, eat good food (including our new Great Commission Cafe and Snack Shack), learn about God, and have a fun time playing games.  RAY Wednesday Night is open for anyone between the 7th - 12th grades.  Come on by!


Sunday School is during our second service and we take a look at not only the Bible, but also relevant and important issues regarding truth.  Be sure to check us out!


Upcoming Youth Events




Sign up at youth group, or contact one of the adult leaders if you plan to attend. Event runs from 11am - 6:30pm at Merrill Bible Church.  We will most likely leave the church around 8:30/9am and return around 8:30/9:00pm. Finalized details to come.









Sign up at youth group or contact one of the adult leaders if you plan to attend.
We plan to leave from the church at 5:30pm on Friday, October 5th and return around 2pm on Sunday, October 7th.  Lake Lundgren does have additional scholarships if needed.

Click here for the parent info sheet.











Winterfest: More info. to come. 












Lock-In: January 2019. More details to come. 











At this point, we are trying to gage interest to decide if we are going to take a group to LIFE Conference next summer. Contact any of the adult leaders if you think you might want to attend.





You may text or call any of the adult leaders if you have any questions.

Katie Arends:  262.707.5361
Mike Chapin:  920.604.0574
Reno Dutton:  920.373.6161


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